How to Win Cooking Contests

Dear home chef,

Big contest or small, you can WIN with the “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBook!

Did you know there are thousands of local and national cooking contests and millions of dollars in cash and prizes to be won in America, Canada and around the world?

The excitement of winning is closer than you think, since you'll have the “How to Win Cooking Contests” e-book as your guide!

Big competitions attract attention for million dollar awards. However, you may not realize that many of the small to medium size contests with great prizes receive 100 entries or less, so your chances of winning with a quality recipe are excellent! These contests are begging for your creative recipes to help showcase their brands.

To help you get started fast, you receive a wealth of BONUSES with your order to ensure you're on the road to contesting success!

What you will learn in the “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBooks:

  • How to Choose the Best Contests for You

    You have strengths in the kitchen and the “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBook will show you how to uncover them and use them to your fullest potential.

  • Top Ten Traits of Contest Winners

    The “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBook comes with a BONUS guide outlining the Top 10 Traits of Contest Winners and how you can further develop your skills too!

  • How to Be Organized Like a Pro!

    Have you heard of mise en place? Well, if not, you're going to learn how this professional kitchen philosophy can focus your organizational talents and elevate you to Grand Prize Winner status!

  • Where to Find Creative Recipe Inspirations

    From family recipes, magazines, books, photos and online resources, you will discover where to find your winning inspiration.

  • The Best Ways to Format a Recipe Submission

    Spelling and grammar errors can disqualify even the best recipe submission. Learn how to format your contest entries to stand out from the rest!

  • Photography Tips for Fabulous Photos

    Food Photography is an art, and with the eBook you'll be able to stage your photo entries like a professional and make your food look fantastic.

  • Why You Should Create a Cooking Contest “Brand”

    The “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBook will show you how to create a starring brand around your cooking expressions!

  • Where to Find the Best Online Recipe Contests

    You will receive the BONUS guide on how to win online recipe contests and the best part is that you can start entering contests TODAY!

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Chef Cutting Reviews the “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBook!

This eBook gives you everything you've ever really wanted to know about how to compete and be a champion in the kitchen. You will learn how to properly turn yourself into a competitor in your own home and with your own tools to make your food stand out from the crowd.
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You'll be THRILLED with the “How to Win Cooking Contests” eBook and these three BONUS guides:

  • Winning Online Recipe Contests” - you'll learn the 'ins and outs' of the fast-growing online contesting niche
  • Getting Started With Pastry Competitions” - you'll enjoy this introduction to the world of pastry competitions, including chocolate, bread and sugar contests
  • Top Ten Traits of Contest Winners!” - you'll discover what personal habits help you most in the cooking contest world and how to strengthen them

You might be wondering if cooking contesting is right for you. If you love cooking, being creative and trying new ideas you are a great fit to profit from your cooking!

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